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Loretta Briede
July 8, 2021 | Loretta Briede

July 2021 update

New Arandell 2020

We are excited to announce that we will be bottling our new Arandell 2020 July 12th.   It will be available in our tasting room once the wine goes through bottle shock.

What does that mean?   Wines that have received trama (to them) from bottling or shipping can and will develope an off flavor and no aromoas.   This is something that you just have to wait with.   It will all return but until that time, it can take on some very funky flavors.    There is no scientific reason for this, but I can assure you it happens.   I have worred about a wine more than once.   

French Cheeses

We are excited to announce we will be carrying imported french cheeses in our tasting room.   These cheeses compliment our wines and champagnes.   They run various prices depending on your selection.  ($8.60 to $24.00).

Dinner in the Vines Series

All summer long, once a month we will feature a chef and pair our wines with them or have a bottle of wine on your table.   These dinners have a different theme and feel, so pick one that interests you or try them all.  Everything is included in price.  

Click below:



Our Pavilion is perfect for the heat.   Such a lovely place to sit and listen to some entertainment and enjoy our wines and cheeses.   

Lantern Fly

Our vineyard is being inspected on a regular basis looking for this destructive insect.   As a vineyard in Virginia we will be trying to do our part to stop this invasive insect as the future of VA Grape Agriculture will depend on how we control this insect.   It has no known natural predators that we know of.  Additionally, it doesn't taste good and actually can be toxic.  

Gift Baskets

Basic Price $15 then add Wine, Riedel Glassware, BFV glasses, Briede Wines,  Logo Hats or shirts, Champange, build your own gift.

Vineyard Operations

Our vineyard is doing well so far......fingers crossed.   We have a little downy on Pinot Menuier but they are baby grapes and very close to the ground.   The older plants were fine.   All other varietals doing well.


Be sure to check out our webpage as we have lots of fun things going on.   Ballroom dancing, champagne Saturdays (1st saturday of the month), Road Rally's, Run, Yoga, Falconry, to name some.

Thank you for your interest in our Vineyard!

Paul & Loretta


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Loretta Briede
May 20, 2021 | Loretta Briede

Our new Pavilion





he Grotto Pavilion:

This area is for our guests to enjoy a quiet setting with beautiful views of our Arandell grapes.    No groups larger than 10 will be permitted in the pavilion area.   Weddings, bridal showers, graduation parties, birthdays etc, are conducted in a special location during business hours. This is for the comfort of our guests so they may enjoy their wine in a quiet relaxing atmosphere.  Our facility is for our club members and those truly wishing to experience some excellent wines. Only service dogs allowed in the pavilion.  Dogs are allowed in outside areas.  Those wishing to enjoy their special event here, may do so by contacting Loretta Briede 540-664-2048.   The "Grotto" is available for rent but only after business hours and on our days off.   

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Loretta Briede
March 23, 2021 | Loretta Briede

New Wines


New Wine Releases!

The Bloom

We made this wine for our local Apple Blossom Festival.  While the parade will not happen this year, local festivities will still be happening.   This is our first rose' wine.  We only made 60 cases of this wine.  This is a crisp light wine with a hint of strawberries.  Available for sale /Wines/Rose


If you want elegance in a bottle this is your wine.  Our estate grown Cayuga with a touch of Viognier.  Plie' is has a lovely softness and is well rounded. /Wines/White 

The Plie' is a ballet move that first bends your knees, however to complete the move, a rise follows.   This was so indicative of 2020.  A year with a pandemic that brought us all to our knees, but in a postive hope for the future, we rise again.  Plie' is such an elegant wine, so our name Plie' was born.  


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Loretta Briede
March 13, 2021 | Loretta Briede

Two Silver Medals at the Governor's Cup

Arandell & Sparkling Winchester.....


have taken home (2) Silver Medal's at this years Governor's Cup

We are very proud of these two wines.  Arandell has won a Silver Medal on the West Coast (International Sommelier Challenge in California)  and the East Coast.  It is a rare wine and we made it at 100% Varietal.  It was bottled less than a year ago and is a Hybrid grape.  

We invite you to stop by and experience this amazing dry red wine and our Sparking wine that is made in the Champenoise Style (3 years in the making).

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Loretta Briede
February 10, 2021 | Loretta Briede


Outlook for 2021

We are exited about our 2021 season and while 2020 was a terrible year, our grapes knew nothing about the pandemic and produced some wonderful wines that will be release soon.

Yesterday we spent time with our wine maker Nate Walsh to discuss our furture production and to taste our wines that will be released this spring.   

Two new wines will be offered this spring.   Plie' which is a lovely new style wine, softer and rounder than most of what we have produced in the past.   We have taken Cayuga and added a touch of Viognier. The Viognier grape brings a tangerine, honeysuckle creamer version with hints of nutmet and spices. The Cayuga grape is light fruity, crisp dry wine that is very palatable.

Another addition is a Rose'.   We called it "The Bloom" in celebration of our wonderful event here in Winchester,  Apple Blossom.   We have only made 60 cases of this wine.   It's is crisp and light with hints of strawberry.  It will have the apple blossom colors of pink and green on the bottle.  This wine is 90% cayuga and 10% melot.   Merlot picks up the terrior pretty readly, so it will impart many of the characteristic of where it's grown.  We have added this mostly for color.

Arandell 2020 is in some American Oak trying a new twist to our standard flavor profile.   It's fun to be a pioneer in the advancement of this wonderful grape.  The bottling is scheduled for the fall.

This years crop will be a move to the future while trying to meet our current needs.   We are making two wines that we will not see for a few years.   A new "Sparkling Winchester Rose' that will be made in the traditional Champagne Style.   It will lay on the lees for 3 years.   We love the tannat grape and have purchsed more fruit to be included in our 2021 wines.   A larger production of "Speed of Sound" will be made as we loved the blend of Tannat and Arandell.   We only produced 22 cases for our club members and we wanted to make more of this for the tasting room.

New to us, is the production of a Port.   We are making this with the Tannat grape and will be adding brandy to this but to make a quality port, time is necessary, so we will not see this wine for many years.    It's an investment into our furture and the diversity of what we offer our customer.  Wines take time and being a new vineyard, 9 years as a grower, it's very difficult to balance the cash flow and trying to hold on to wines until they are at their best.   Most of what sell is young wines, as to date, nothing lasts more than 2 years in our tasting room.  While very drinkable now, they will only get better.

We are truly excited about our upoming growing season with the addition of new style wines.  But that's not all we have instore for you!   Currently we planning the addition of a new Pavilion adding a place that is covered with additional seating.   The structure will be a concrete floor, covered nestled in the woods with a vew of our back vineyard and our front vineyard.   Construction will begin in April.  We will be posting pictures once this gets underway.   We felt this was a necessary due to the limiting seating when it rains and in the hot sun.   It should provide a comfortable place to sit and enjoy our wines with a lovely view of the vineyards.

Thanks for visiting our blog page and we are looking forward to our 2021 season.   Hope to see you!


Paul & Loretta




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Loretta Briede
February 4, 2021 | Loretta Briede

Winter beauty

A view of our Arandell grapes.   The sunsets on our farm are always spectacular.   We thought it would be fun to share some of the images we see walking our dogs.

Due to the snow, it very difficult to have customers here as the patio is pretty much covered.  Since we are not opening the tasting room any time soon, our patio is vital for visitors.   We do have online sales and pickup always available.

There so much to do in our vineyard, even off season.   Renewal of licensing, gathering documents for the accontant, updating our webpage, getting labels ready for our new wines, pruning, our wine club selections, scheduling the 2021 entertainment and event season, so while we are not 'open' so many behind the scenes things are happening.

Paul is enjoying the vineyard and doesn't seem to miss flying.   (that is a good thing)  Our vineyard dogs, Champagne and Bordeaux enjoy their walks every morning. 

We can't wait to to have sunny warm days and get going on the 2021 season.   We have lots of new things coming to our vineyard.   We are getting bids on a new pavilion to offer our customers a view of both vineyards, all weather seating, and a cozy place to have a glass of wine.  

Thank you for checking in with us


Paul and Loretta



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Loretta Briede
January 24, 2021 | Loretta Briede

Valentine's Day Special

Valentine's Day Special

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we thought you might like to enjoy a special shipping promotion that we are offering for Valentine's Day.   We can't always be with the ones we love or go to a restaurant to celebrate so we thought we would offer a shipping special of only $10 if you buy 3 of our bottles of wine.


Just click on the link above, order your wines, and we will do the rest.   Make sure you used the correct checkout for the state you are in, otherwise it will say shipping isn't available when in fact it is.  We have states listed that we ship to for your convenience.   


Paul and Loretta Briede



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Loretta Briede
January 2, 2021 | Loretta Briede





Like everything else with COVID, (a bit different)  this means we are not physically in the tasting room (weather is not conducive to sitting outside anyway), however please call 540-664-2048 if you are interested in a  reservation after January 29th.   We will setup a time for you to come to the vineyard.   As always we have online orders you can pickup in the tasting room and shipping is still available to your door.

Signup to our mailing list for updated information


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Loretta Briede
December 15, 2020 | Loretta Briede

Bottling of Tannat and Speed of Sound / Wine Report 2020

Speed of Sound and Tannat

Wine Report for 2020


Bottling was scheduled today December 16th 2020 for our two new red wines, Speed of Sound, and Tannat, however due to the approaching winter storm we ended up having to bottle last night.

Pictured above is Nate Walsh our winemaker and Paul Briede with "Speed of Sound"

This wine was made to celebrate Paul's retirement and only 23 cases were made.  It is a rare blend of Arandell and Tannat that we will make available to our club memebers only.   This wine will be a series of blends each year with our Arandell grape and another varietial (50/50) producing for the first time anywhere, a blend of wine that is unique to the Briede Family Vineyards.   


Loretta Briede is holding our new "Tannat 2019"   

It was a fabulous year for reds.  In a few months we will be releasing this wine for everyone to try.   We are very excited about this big bold wine.  This grape origins are in France in the shadows of the Pyreneese Mountains.   Its only fitting that in France it produces Big, Bold, Rustic and Dry wines.    We are excited to share with you Virginias expression of this grape. 

Our white wines from 2020 (Cayuga White) was made into two batches.   One is our "2020 Sparkling Winchester" which will be made into a champagne style once again.    This process takes years to make.  The interaction of the yeasts (on the lees) over time in the bottle is what produces this extraordinary wine.   Some wines are worth waitng for.   

The second batch is  a lovely white wine with more of a buttery note.  Most of our wines have been dry and crisp in our tasting room and we felt that a new style might round out our customers experience.   We will monitor the wines development.    We are not ruling out some "interesting" unique blend that we would love to try and share.   

Since we grow Hybrid grapes, we are having lots of fun creating unique wines to blend or on their own, to see what the future might bring for Virginia.  



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Loretta Briede
December 2, 2020 | Loretta Briede

Exciting things coming up!

Exciting things coming up!!!!!!

As we approach this holiday season,  we have some very exciting things happening.

December 16th we will be bottling our new TANNAT 2019 which is lovely going into the bottle.  It will need a bit of time to rest as this is a very big wine.   2019 was a fabulous year for reds and we certainly were no exception.

As most of you know, Paul Briede retired from a 35 year career with United Airlines.   In celebration of this milestone event, we produced a very special reserve wine called "SPEED OF SOUND 2019" Which is a blend you won't find anywhere in the world.   Arandell 50% and Tannat 50%   We only produced 20 cases of this wine and it will be released to our club members first  in the first quarter of 2021.   

Our 2020 Cayuga field produced 4 tons of wonderful grapes which we are making two different wines. The traditonal Champange style wine once again "Sparkling Winchester" and  a soft round style white wine.    Our sparkling wine will not be ready for 3 years.   However this spring, you will see our new white wine in the tasting room.

Arandell did not disappoint this year with about 3.2 tons of great grapes.   We are making our flagship wine ARANDELL as this is such a hit in the tasting room.   We may continue SPEED OF SOUND if we can find some wonderful TANNAT to blend with it.   We will be changing up the Arandell in 2020 adding a tad of American oak just to give the wine a touch of complexity.  We usually use only French Oak for our wines.

December 19th we are receiving some amazing cheeses from France.  We will make up 11 charcuterie boards for $20 each, please let us know if you would like one.  First come first serve. click on the following link.   /Wines/Specials

Our special hours will be:

Closed Christmas Day

Open December 26th and 27th from 12pm-5pm

Open NEW YEARS EVE 12pm- 5pm  and NEW YEARS DAY  12pm-5pm

We are planning so many wonderful events we think you will be interested in.   Please check out our calendar for 2021.   We are working very hard to make 2021 a great year for our customers.  

As the vines sleep and winter descends upon us, we will be taking a much needed break starting January 2nd.   Our winery and vineyard will be closed for vacation.   

We are running specials online BUY3 get 10% off and of course our case discounts of 15% is always available.  

Since we grow Hybrid Grapes, we are constantly putting them up against some major competition.  This year we have two wines in the Virginia Governors Cup.  Sparkling Winchester (2 1/2 years on the lees) and Arandell 2019.   We are very excited about these two wines. 

We wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and are so greatful for your support of our vineyard and what we do here at the Briede Famiy Vineayards.  It's been an interesting year for us all,  to say the least.   We are developing a strong connection with our community and customers, sharing our passion for farming and making excellent wines.






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