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Loretta Briede
December 8, 2021 | Loretta Briede

2021 Coming to a Close

2021 Coming to a Close


In spite of the challenges we faced this year, our winery increased sales, our wine club grew and we doubled our production of wine for next year.   We have our loyal supportors to thank for this as well as our customers that decided to give us a try.  We thank each and everyone of you!  


Farming is never part-time, and the demands of the vineyard require us to be very attentive every day.   The Tasting Room is a vibrant place at times and we are always excited to meet this challenge.  The wonderful conversations we have, the interesting people that visit, the events that we plan and organize are all a very interesting and personal.   


Our 2021 wines will be tasted through shortly and we are very excited to start the bottling process in a couple of months.  Such an exciting time as we prepare for 2022.


Paul & I will be taking some time off for vacation and to prepare for 2022. Our Winery will be closed from December 20th, 2021-February 10th, 2022.   The calendar will start to fill with Entertainment, events, special dates for food, new wine releaes, and special events for our club members as we book our plans for 2022.   Please join our mailing list to stay informed of all of our happenings. 


We would like to Thank you for making our winery a special place that people can come, relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings and the quality wines that we work hard at to achieve.  It's never about quanity but quality as those of you have visited can confirm.   As we grow, we always have this business profile first and foremost.  













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