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Loretta Briede
March 6, 2022 | Loretta Briede


2021 was a good year for Briede Vineyards.   We had a late start, and the growing season was slow.   Everything seemed 2 weeks behind.   

The grapes were allowed to hang longer than we have ever let them creating some unique componets that we have never seen in our wines.   A bit more complexity, higher alcohol levels and some pretty lovely aromas.   

Our club member "Brix 21" is just for our club members and has an alcohol content of 13%.   That's pretty good for a white wine. By allowing this long growing season, this wine had some tropical aromas and a complexity we have not seen in Cayuga.

Tous les Jours 2021 is a blend of 90% Cayuga with 10% Chardonnay.   I'm not a fan of all Chardonnay's and we do not over oak our wines.   This is made more in a french style wine.  It has a lovely balance, light and refreshing.

The Bloom 2021-  When a wine is perfect, why change anything.  This is made identical to our 2020 vintage, however one change....the grapes were even better than our 2020 vintage.

Cayuga White 2021 is 100% Cayuga White.  This grape is very versatile.   It can make several different styles of wines.   This year 2021 we allowed it to just be it's self.   We think you will enjoy a wine that you can actually taste the Varietal. 

 Sparkling Winchester 2021 is Phenomenal in our opinion.  What makes it so?  A blend of Pinot Menieur (only sparkling wine in VA to have this in the blend) Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and our Cayuga.  In Champagne, the 3 grapes that make up their wines mostly are Pinot Menieur, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir.   If we can make a Sparkling Wine using these three grapes your chance of creating a Champagne style wine is at it's best.   Fortunally, we grow Pinot Menieur.    I'm very very excited about this wine, and sadly it must stay on the lees for 3 years, but when this finally hits our tasting room it will be amazing.   

The Hunt 2021 Port Style -  Again, a 5 year wait, but we think this Tannat grape will produce a wonderful Port Style wine. 

Arandell 2021- Our flag ship wine.  We are not finished evaluating this wine to see how we want to finish this off.   We have a Cab Franc we might want to try blending.

Cab Franc 2021-  The wine we named after our #1 Club member.  Guthrie's Cab Franc.   It is his favorite wine and we honor his contribution to our vineyard.   We like the idea so much, that we are now allowing everyone to enter a drawing to have a wine named after them, or a name of your choice.  Of course, we need to approve it.   The lucky winner will be drawing December 10th, 2022.

We are very exited, as always to be starting a new vintage.   It's a new beginning, new challenges, new friends, and the potential to make some amazing wines. 


Paul & Loretta 



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