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Loretta Briede
April 2, 2023 | Loretta Briede

New Releases

Some very fun wines coming our way!

We were very excited to sample with our winemaker some very lovely wines from the 2022 vintage.   The grapes from this year were just wonderful.   They came in flawless.  The growing season had a bit more moisture than normal but that didn't hurt us as we grow Hybrid grapes and they are not prone to disease.   In a not-so-great season, these varietals shine.   Here is a little peak at what is coming to the vineyard very soon.

Orange Wine-  July 2023  This is stunning.   I have tasted orange wines before but this separates itself from the pack. (at least the ones I have tried)  We think it is reminiscent of a white Bordeaux in body and structure.  Governor's Cup here we come!!!

Chocolate Arandell-  April 2023 This is also very different that other chocolate wines.   One, it holds the dark fruit color, two, it’s like a mouthful of rich dark chocolate.   You will want to try this one if you are a chocolate lover.

Cayuga White- April 2023   In the vineyard this year, we added some chalk.   Why?   In the Champagne region of France, the soil is mostly Chalk.  Since we make Sparkling Wine, we thought this might add some complexity to the wine.   In the still version, it actually made it taste a bit like the Sauvignon Blanc grape.   Nothing was changed in the wine making practice.   

La Crescent- April 2023 this grape (not ours) won the Governor's Cup in Ohio.   This has some lovely apricot flavors.  Very powerful aromatics and flavor.  We only made a limited amount as these grapes have not produced much yield yet as they are young vines.

Marquette- July 2023 this had a lot of chatter as a Hybrid.  It actually has Pinot Noir in its parentage.   Again, very young vines so we had a limited crop this year.   It is an interesting wine almost like a Beaujolais. 

Arandell 2022 July 2023- Great crop.   We added a bit of American Oak to this. 

Futures-  Sparkling Winchester 2022 aging, we added the 3 champagne grapes......YUM,  Tannat Port- aging, Arandell Port-aging.  Sweet late harvest Cayuga- aging   We tasting this wine and it was yummy with hints of Butterscotch.  



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