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Policy for Children

Welcome to The Briede' Family Vineyards.
Please respect the CDC guidelines that must be followed by everyone.  This includes wearing a mask and social distancing.  We have seating placed to help you achieve this.
Policy for Children
Children MUST remain seated or in a very close proximity of your table, under parental supervision. They are not permitted to run around the property or be disruptive to our other guests.  The vineyard is an adult atmosphere, for the entertainment and enjoyment for adults to relax, not a playground for children. Therefore, no running around, screaming, playing Frisbee, permitted. These policies are also to protect children from injury due to us being a working farm. 

Anyone disrespecting this policy will be asked to leave.

We have worked very hard and take great pride in our ability to offer you quality wines and champagnes to make your experience enjoyable, in a beautiful, pleasant, adult atmosphere.  If we can do anything to make your experience with us more enjoyable, please let us know.  Thank you for your patronage.

Paul & Loretta Briede'