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Loretta Briede has spent most of her life on the back of a horse. She has trained horses and competed for many years riding. Her accomplishments include winning the 2004 Field Hunter Championship of America, having ridden and trained the best Fox Hunting horse in America, multiple years riding in the Devon Horse Show as well as other rated shows, with championships at numerous events throughout her riding career. She raised two beautiful children and worked as a flight attendant for United Airlines for a brief 5 ½ years, with several years of being recognized as the best in the industry from United Airlines. Over the years she has taken several types of jobs all contributing to her current portfolio, including working for two senators and in the oil industry in Wyoming. With a service background, the tasting room became a very good fit. The vineyard has been a part of her life for the past 11 years, with a mindset to produce wines that were clean and nurtured in a certified organic vineyard. While Paul was still working, Loretta was the vineyard manager,  implementing biodynamic practices for the first 3 years. Today her duties have moved to the tasting room and running the business. The wines you drink are a result of her palette, Paul's practices in the vineyard, and our winemaker’s history of making exceptional wines. Being a small boutique winery “everyone wears many hats.” Her passion for wine lends itself to an easy transition from one role to the other. “Our goal is to advance Virginia forward producing the best possible wines, while enjoying the people that make a commitment to visit our winery.”