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From the moment you step foot in Briedé Family Vineyards, you will be welcomed like family. That’s because when we established this vineyard in 2013, we did it on the very land where we raised our own family on for the past 30 years. Each one of us has a part in the winemaking process, from tending to the vines by hand to carefully aging the perfect combination of grapes. It’s this love and attention, combined with sustainable practices, that makes each bottle special.

Our peaceful estate sits on 27 acres, so come unwind with a glass from our tasting room while taking in the view of the beneficial habitat that supports our vineyard.

Featured Wines

100% Cayuga   This was our 2nd picking in September 2021  This wine is crisp, light and well balanced.  

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SKU: 2021 Cayuga White

BRONZE MEDAL WINNER IN THE SHENANDOAH CUP 2021   This wine has a bit of Viognier in it, rounding out its complexity.  This wine is so approachable with its delicate flavor and balance.    SILVER MEDAL IN THE GOVERNOR'S CUP 2022 citrusy notes (lemon and grapefruit), green apples, pears. White tree flowers. Medium body, medium alcohol.  Pleasant and clean finish, medium length finish, and moderate nuance. Acidity served nicely to freshen and cleanse, opening up the aromatics. 

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SKU: 2020 Plie'

Cayuga/Chardonnay We have blended this wine with a tad of Chardonnay.  You won't find any over oaking here.   

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SKU: Tous les jour 2021

GOLD MEDAL WINNER IN THE 2021 SHENANDOAH CUP   This is a stunning Red Wine.   95% Tannat grapes with a 5% Merlot blend to make this wine approachable at a young age.   This is a French grape, not our usual Hybrid wines.   SILVER MEDAL 2022 GOVERNOR'S CUP   Dry, full-bodied, med(+) to high alcohol, brisk acidity, grippy tannins. Nice aromas from the "full Monte", but the powerful bulk of the grape is not to be denied   Black plums/pepper/licorice, dark earth, violets, expresso, smoke and fruitcake; an impressive array of aromatic stimuli.. 

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SKU: 2019 Tannat

BRONZE MEDAL WINNER IN THE SHENANDOAH CUP  2021   This wine entered the cup with only 3 months in the bottle.   We can't wait until it has a few more months of age on it.   HERE YOU GO...............SILVER MEDAL IN THE 2022 GOVERNOR'S CUP.cranberry, Red currant leaf, mint, black currant. Consistent with the nose: bright red currant, red cherry, cranberry and a hint of black currant. Lingering fruity finish. Bright and lively.  

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/ 2020 Vintage
SKU: 2020Arandell


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Club Member Wine only  These grapes were left on the vine trying to created a botrytized wine.   That didn't happen, but the result from letting the grapes hang longer than we have ever done (November 2021) created such a lovely juice that has made a lovely wine.  The alcohol is 13%.      

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Cayuga/Merlot   We have not changed a thing from our 2020 vintage

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SKU: 2021 The Bloom

Release date October 2022 

95% Cab Franc grapes  5% Arandell 

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/ Red Wine
SKU: Guthrie CabFranc   Aromas of Citrus, Apricot and Pineapple.  This wine has a beautiful nose, crisp and full of flavor.   It's on of the most aromatic wines we have tasted.   Very few wines throw some salt, making this wine so perfect with Thai food.  The sweet, sour and salt in this wine makes it a perfect pairing.

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/ Bottle
SKU: LaCrescent2019

Covid update:

  According to the Governor of Virginia and the CDC as of May 28th, 2021 we will return to "Normal"   We have learned so many things from the trials and tribulations of 2020.  




Loretta Briede
May 25, 2022 | Loretta Briede

The Birth of a new vintage

The Birth of a new vintage  Continue »

Loretta Briede
March 6, 2022 | Loretta Briede


A great year as we pushed our grapes on the vine creating flavors we have not seen.  Continue »