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Loretta Briede
February 15, 2023 | Loretta Briede

Back from Vacation


Paul & I had a wonderful vacation filled with some much needed time off.   We did miss our customers and we are so excited to be back visiting with everyone.   

We have added some new products.

We are always looking for ways to improve our customers' experience here at Briede Vineyards.  One of the ways we thought to improve your visit was to offer a bit more items you can enjoy with your wines.

Starting this weekend, we will have the following list of products for you to enjoy while available.

Boursin Cracked Pepper Cheese

Sicilian Marinated Olives

Pitted Kalamata Olives

Sliced Genoa Salami

Sliced Proscuitto


Gluten Free Crackers

Tangerine Spread

Spanish Cocktail Mix

Smoked Salmon

Firehook Artisian Crackers


In the Cellar............upcoming bottlings.

We had the opportunity to taste how our wines were developing with our wine maker "Nate Walsh".   We knew 2022 would be amazing and it certainly didn't disappoint us.   We are making some very interesting wines that only a few vineyards produce.   Below is a list of what you can expect to see in the coming months.

CHOCOLATE ARANDELL (yes you heard that right!)  It's is a charmer!  This has a richness of dark chocolate pairing with the Arandell Grape.  A sweet wine.  We expect this wine to fly off the shelves once it's released in April.

THE BLOOM 2022 (a bit less Merlot in this vintage, we liked a lighter style) This is our Dry Rose. Release date April.

SOLEIL D'OVEST ESTATE 2022 (La Crescent grape that is 100% estate grown.  This is 1/2 the power of our 2019 vintage.   We made this a bit more approachable.  It is Dry but lots of fruit.  It has a lovely nose and that wonderful complex apricot flavor.  We think you will love this yummy wine. Release date April.

BRIES ESTATE 2022 (WOW! This wine took on an entirely different flavor component than previous years.  Our grapes are older now and every year is different in the vineyard.  This year Cayuga vines produced a delightful Sauvignon Blanc type wine with some light acidity and the grapefruit flavors indicative of that grape.  Another Dry wine.  Nothing changed in the wine making process so everything we have is attributed to vineyard practices.   It's so interesting to see the changes from year to year.  Release date April.

AGATHOSUNE ESTATE 2022  (This is an orange wine made from Cayuga Grapes. It is fantastic.   No bitterness that many of these types of wines produce.  This was the favorite punch down in the cellar we were told.  The aromas smelled delicious and now we know why.   July Release.

We wil be pouring in the Grand Tasting for the Winter Wine Weekend.  Click here to learn more.

Paul will be speaking at our VVA (Virginia Vineyards Association) annual meeting this weekend on our Grape Arndell.  It is one of the Hybrid Grapes that they are pouring and tasting at the "Varieties for a Low Spray Vineyard".   We are excited to share this easy to grow grape in our vineyard with others. 

Pleae check out our calendar of events scheduled this year at the vineyard.   We are very excited to have Chef Kesha Harris onboard with us.




Cheers Paul & Loretta





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