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Loretta Briede
February 20, 2024 | Loretta Briede

Governor's Cup Results for Briede Vineyards

We had a limited number of wines that we could enter in the Governor's Cup.  You must have 50 cases to enter.  Because of these restrictions, there were 3 wines that fit that criteria.  For us, since we are a small producer, most of our wines need to come to the tasting room to be sold.   We do not have a huge inventory of wines laying around.  We sell out.  Especially the reds.    While this is a very good thing.. (no complaints here)...when it comes to competitions, age gives wines complexity.  So, given the fact that all of our wines in competition are no where near their peak, we are very excited to get these medals.   Many of you may wonder why we didn't enter our Sparkling Winchester 2020.  The answer is simple, we didn't have 50 cases left.  

Soleil d' Ovest-Silver Medal

Bries Estate 22-Silver Medal

Arandell 2022-Bronze


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