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Loretta Briede
January 28, 2024 | Loretta Briede

Washington Post article

Briedé Sparkling Winchester 2020 

Perspective by Dave McIntyre
Columnist, Food
January 11, 2024 at 1:00 p.m. EST

(3 stars)

Shenandoah Valley, Va., $53

Yes, we’re talking champagne prices here for what is essentially a novelty wine, but what a delicious novelty it is! This is made from cayuga, a hybrid grape developed in Geneva, N.Y., during the 1940s. In this sparkling version, made in the traditional champagne method of second fermentation in the bottle, it resembles riesling or grüner veltliner, with scents of white flowers and lemon curd. It’s dry with a minerally, chalky palate-cleansing texture that will leave you with a smile, ready for the next sip. ABV: 11.6 percent. BW: 900 grams (Heavy).

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★ Good: The wine delivers what it promises at a fair price. If it says chardonnay, it tastes like chardonnay.

★★ Excellent: A wine with character and added interest. May elevate your eyebrows at the first sip.

★★★ Extraordinary: An exciting wine that stands out from others in its class. Fist-pumping, table-thumping good.

★★★★ Sublime: Otherworldly. May have you thinking, “So this is what they were talking about.”



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