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Loretta Briede
March 23, 2021 | Loretta Briede

New Wines


New Wine Releases!

The Bloom

We made this wine for our local Apple Blossom Festival.  While the parade will not happen this year, local festivities will still be happening.   This is our first rose' wine.  We only made 60 cases of this wine.  This is a crisp light wine with a hint of strawberries.  Available for sale /Wines/Rose


If you want elegance in a bottle this is your wine.  Our estate grown Cayuga with a touch of Viognier.  Plie' is has a lovely softness and is well rounded. /Wines/White 

The Plie' is a ballet move that first bends your knees, however to complete the move, a rise follows.   This was so indicative of 2020.  A year with a pandemic that brought us all to our knees, but in a postive hope for the future, we rise again.  Plie' is such an elegant wine, so our name Plie' was born.  



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