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Loretta Briede
July 9, 2020 | Loretta Briede

Arandell 2019

We are very please to announce that Arandell is back in our tasting room.   This wine has been such a success for us given it's unique flavor profile, so typical Arandell.   We produced 124 case in 2019 and expect this wine to sell out like the 2017 vintage did.   Arandell has a beautiful dark color, medium bodied and soft tannins.   Notes of cherry, sandlewood and sweet tabacco grace the palate.   It will be in bottle shock for a few weeks as it settles but we will still offer sales, just don't drink it right a way.  If you have never had this unique grape, we don't think you will be disappointed when you try it.   Even people who don't like red wines enjoy this one.   Our vineyard is the only one to produce this lovely wine at 100% in 2017.   We invite you to taste what a Hybrid grape can offer!



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@ Jul 19, 2020 at 5:31 AM
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Jackson Wood
@ Sep 8, 2020 at 10:11 PM
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@ Sep 8, 2020 at 10:11 PM
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jyoti kumar
@ Aug 31, 2021 at 6:04 AM
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jyoti kumar
@ Oct 12, 2021 at 11:14 PM
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