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Date: Tue, Dec 24, 2024 - Tue, Dec 31, 2024
Contact: Loretta Briede
Phone: 5406642048

We will be closed for Vacation from December 20th until February 12th.  We wanted to give you a peak at our plans.


Please check our webpage and other social media venues for times and dates that we will be back.  

Wishing all of you a wonderful NEW YEAR!

Paul and I thank you for your support to our vineyard through the year.   We look forward to our startup in February with approximately 11 new wines.   Some make take some time.​


Port Style (Tannat grapes) 2021 (The Hunt) 5 year  Release 2026 & Port Style (Arandell grapes) 2021 5 year release 2026 

Marquette/La Crescent/Tannat (Amusant Estate Reserve 2021) Wine club Only (Red Wine) Fall 2022 Release

Tous Les Jours 2021 (White Wine) Spring 2022 Release

Brix 21 Estate 2021 (White Wine) Spring 2022 Release /club memeber only

Pinot Menieur, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cayuga (Sparkling Winchester Rose Estate 2021) 3 year release (Sparkling Wine) 2024 Release

Tannat 2021 (L'Audacieux 2021) (Red Wine) Fall 2022 Release

The Bloom 2021 (Rose) Spring 2022 Release

CabFranc 2021 (Red Wine) Fall 2022 Release

Cayuga (Sparkling Winchester 2020) We may release some of this wine for 2022 otherwise 2023 release.

Our White wines will be available in the Spring unless otherwise noted and the Reds will be released in the Fall 2022


We thank all of our customers and expecially our club members for all the support you have given us in 2021.   As we begin this new year, it is with hope and vision for a better year than last.   As you all know, a vineyard is pretty intense during operations, so we are taking some much needed down time to spend with Family and Friends.