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Covid-19 guidelines because we care!

Because of the amount of COVID cases on the decline, we will now open our tasting room inside.    It will be by reservations only.   Our tasting room is small and therefore we can only hold 2 groups at any one time.   You may place a reservations by calling 540-664-2048 and we will reserve your 90 min reservation.   Masks and social distancing still required.   Disinfecting procedures are in place.  

Please click the link below for all CDC information:

The BRIEDE VINEYARDS  have safeguards in place so that you may enjoy your visit with us yet adhear to the Governors mandatory requirements..  This is an ever changing environment so please be patient as we adapt to our new "normal".  

We have installed a porta-a-potty for our customer use with Hand sanitizer.  This will be sprayed down with Clorox periodically through out the day.  You must maintain 6' waiting in line for the potty.

To order you may go to the window on the patio tasting room and place your order.   Please maintain 6' distancing.   You will need ID.    

Children must remain seated if they come to the vineyards.   No open play areas allowed by Virginia law  to insuring safe distancing guidelines. .   

Picnics are great...... we have several picnic tables very far apart.  No alcohol brought into the property!   Doordash delivers food to our Vineyard.

Social distancing of 6' a must!!!   This is important. 

The future of our vineyards here in Virginia are dependent upon your cooperation and the safety of others.    Thank you! 

Loretta Briede